Dispersions by Planatol


Planatol has been a successful developer and manufacturer of adhesives based on dispersions, acrylates, latex and dextrins for almost 80 years. We are constantly updating our products.

Dispersion adhesives are known for their limitless ability to provide good and durable adhesion. Planatol offers a comprehensive range of products for the most varied and challenging applications in the adhesives processing industry. Likewise, Planatol adhesives for machine-made perfect binding and manual book manufacturing are unmatched in terms of quality and workability.

Planatol offers contact dispersions for the most varied areas of application, including, for example, glossy film lamination, adhesive tape manufacturing and automotive equipment. The wide range of uses for the company's versatile adhesives provides numerous opportunities for new areas of application in the future.

Thanks to our high-performance application technology and experienced adhesives specialists, we are able to develop solutions tailored specifically to our customers.


The Planatol Group is one of the leading suppliers around the world for adhesives, adhesive applications and applicator systems. Mechanical bonding is increasingly being replaced by adhesive bonding, making production processes cleaner, quicker and more economical. Our experience of many years enables us to be a market leader for intelligent adhesive applications in specialised niche markets.