Hotmelt raw materials

Planatol Hotmelt

Hotmelts are anhydrous and solvent-free adhesives composted of a mixture of thermoplastic materials. They are inexpensive and can be processed at very high machine speeds.

The most common base polymer is EVA, but this product line also includes adhesives based on APAO, PE, polyester and polyamide.

The book manufacturing business primarily uses EVA-based hotmelts. For perfect binding, Planatol offers a complete range of products with different qualities and a medium open time. Hotmelts with a longer open time are required for lateral glue applications.

Any of the types of hotmelts previously mentioned may be used in the packaging industry and for special applications.


The Planatol Group is one of the leading suppliers around the world for adhesives, adhesive applications and applicator systems. Mechanical bonding is increasingly being replaced by adhesive bonding, making production processes cleaner, quicker and more economical. Our experience of many years enables us to be a market leader for intelligent adhesive applications in specialised niche markets.