System Chromatique

Industries:Print Media Industry

System Chromatique is an innovative Colour Management system with a unique algorithm based on human vision. It optimizes images and PDF files to improve detail, colour rendering and volume, as well as print quality, and simultaneously economize print production.

Système Chromatique drastically reduces ink consumption and waste, it simplifies the workflow, increases the repeatability and productivity using existing tools and machinery.

Système Chromatique requires no calibration process or characterizations, and easily adapts to any special printing process (waterless), digital or conventional offset, web-offset, flexo, gravure or newspapers. The system uses a unique colour space, Only-1-Profile, distinctly higher than the standard Fogra 39 and easily reproducible with any media, ink type, technology and press machine condition.

Système Chromatique improves the quality in four-colour printing and reduces ink consumption up to 35% in digital printing, up to 12% in rotogravure printing and an additional 10-15% even in the presence of any repurposing systems.

Grafikontrol System Chromatique